Feature Home

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Myrna and Rodney Brownlee chose Steven Fitzpatrick to renovate this 35-year-old 1,400-square-foot cabin into a gorgeous 1,600-square-foot full-time retirement home. Their goal was to expand the glorious ocean front view, which was achieved using the existing footprint.

Steve and his crew kept some of the feel of the original cabin while implementing the new elements Rodney and Myrna needed to live in the space full time. Most important was to maintain and expand the ocean views and outdoor living space while achieving more livable space inside.

A composite wraparound deck with picture frame installation will last a lifetime, and inside, no opportunity was lost to add additional storage space, including a pantry and hidden shelving throughout. The two-storey addition on the back of the existing A-frame afforded a better kitchen layout, a welcoming entranceway with a proper porch, and larger windows to provide plenty of natural light and views of the ocean and rugged Thetis Island scenery.